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Refund Policy

We reserve the right to keep the full payment and deny further support and service under these circumstances;
  • The client requests/demands a different level of service or upgrade to a previously approved service that has already been paid without paying the cost difference at Creavite's discretion.
  • Unusable products or services due to the client's choice to ignore possible incompatibilities do not constitute a refund.
The client requests the product, modified or unmodified, to be resent after being originally sent following a completed service;
  • Does not include modifications made by Creavite during the 72-hour service window or later.
  • Mainly for a client who fails to utilize the products or services at the time of service completion and wants another copy of the current version(s) at a later date that exceeds the 72-hour support window.
The client challenges charges via the payment provider or payment gateway for funds without first contacting us;
  • Any form of forced refund/chargeback, with or without a prior attempt to contact the seller, will result in legal pursuance for the collection of lost funds and potential damages.
  • We will pursue you legally (or via the payment providers' claims department), and you will be responsible for all fees, damages to property (including intellectual and digital), and penalties from financial institutions or legal fees (including, without limitation to, credit card companies, banks or lawyers).