How to make a free Discord profile picture

How to make a free Discord profile picture

Making a free Discord avatar can be quite tricky, especially if you want a custom stylish one. That's why we've created a tool that allows you to make one yourself in under a minute! Read on to find out how. (It's super simple, I promise)

Choosing a template

First of all, navigate over to the free Discord profile picture maker.

Once you've done that, select a template that you like. Andesite is amazing if I do say so myself, but it's entirely up to you which one you fancy.

Customizing your Discord icon

Now to the fun part, make the template your own!

To get started, fill in the name you'd like on your free profile picture. This can be your username, server name, or whatever you want. It's all up to you! Just make sure it's no more than nine letters long.

Once you've filled in your name, you can select a color. Not all templates support changing the color, but most of them do. If your chosen template supports color customization, you'll see a rainbow-colored slider underneath the "name" field. Simply adjust the color slider until you've found a color you like.

Rendering your Discord icon

Now you have to render your brand new Discord profile picture, which is much easier than it sounds.

Finish the captcha by clicking the checkbox beside the "I'm not a robot" text, and then press the shiny blue "Render" button.

Awesome! Your profile picture has now been sent off to our servers and will be rendered in under a minute most of the time. Sometimes it may take a bit longer depending on the load on our servers, but don't worry; yours will get rendered sooner or later as long as you keep the tab open!

Sweet success

Good job! You successfully made your very own Discord profile picture or server icon. That wasn't too hard, was it?

Looking for even more customisability?

You might've noticed that you could upload your own background or image to some of the profile pictures. This premium feature costs $0.99 or a Discord server boost over in our Discord server.

You can upload a static png/jpg photo or an animated gif to make the template your own. You don't have to do this, but it's a great way to support us while still getting something unique in return!

Connect with us!

Lastly, you should join our Discord server to get notified when we release new templates! There are loads of cool things over there.