How to get free premium templates

How to get free premium templates

The majority of our templates are available completely free of charge. However, servers aren't free, and we have to pay for them somehow, which is why we've got a few premium templates. These premium templates range from premium animated banners from $1-4 to an optional addon to our Discord icons that allows you to upload your own background for $0.99.

However, since we strive to give everyone access to premium animated graphics we've made it possible to get access to these premium products without paying a dime. If this sounds like something you'd be interested, read on!

Getting "coins" in our Discord server

In our Discord server we've got an economy system with a currency called coins. Once you've got 800 coins, you can exchange them for a premium animated banner or a discord icon with a background. More info on how to redeem a code is available further down on this page. 800 coins might sound like a lot, but it's surprisingly easy to acquire coins! There are loads of different ways to get coins, keep reading and we'll explain exactly how.

Chatting in our Discord server

One of the easiest way to gain access to our premium templates is to just be active in our Discord server. By simply chatting with other members in our Discord server you immediately get coins. For every message you send you get 1-5 coins, with a cooldown of about 20 seconds to avoid spam.

Claiming your daily reward

An even easier way of gaining coins is to login to your Creavite account every day. Just make sure you're already in our Discord server first. You get 5 bonus coins for every day your streak is active, meaning you can very quickly get the 800 coins required for a free premium product. We'll even send you a Discord reminder every day, if you want, of course.

Using Salad

Salad is a program that allows you to earn money while essentially doing nothing, by just running it on your PC. By downloading Salad and signing up with our code CREAVITE  they'll double your earnings, and once you hit your first $1 you can buy our premium products using the money you earned by running Salad, completely for free. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me.

Participating in giveaways

Every now and then we host giveaways in our Discord server for free premium templates that are completely free to enter. More often than not 5-10 people win each giveaway, and they are held quite frequently. In addition to this, if you have the Notifications role (which you can grab in the faq channel) you get a bonus entry!

Redeeming a code

Got 800 coins already? Good work! Now you just need to redeem your exclusive code for a premium template. To do so, head on over to the #bot-commands channel and type -redeem The bot will then send you your exclusive code, assuming you've got DMs enabled.

Once you've got your code, using it is incredibly simple! The instructions are exactly the same as for boost rewards - which we've got an entire guide on!